10 Inspiring Vibrant Hair Color Ideas Using Temporary Color Hair Wax for 2020


People use temporary color hair wax more and more today to create unlimited unique and vibrant looks. Available in a rainbow of colors, plus black and white, they can be blended together to create absolutely any shade you can imagine. People love how easy it is to apply and remove without bleach. DIY your own hair color styles in minutes without going to a salon. We picked 10 amazing hair creations posted by Ponyfly fans to inspire your own looks for 2020!


Multicolor Love
What's not to love about color? With temporary color hair wax, you can try absolutely anything! This look is pulled together by repeating the orange on both sides and with the vibrant nail colors. Embrace the freedom of temporary, vibrant color!
Sunset Purple and Gold
Channel the beauty of a sunset with purple and gold highlighted hair. A painted face can be part of your canvas to create a complete and expressive look. No two sunsets are exactly alike, and with temporary color hair wax, you can create a unique work of art with your own look.
Green Blue Sea
Call to mind the deep sea with this green blue mix. This style showcases how combining hair color waxes can create all-new looks. Stop copying the same thing everybody else is doing, and start creating a look of your own! If you love the ocean, combining green and blue can be a great way to express your calm vibes.
Cheerful Orange and Red
Orange and red combine for a joyful, energetic look. Have fun and evoke a lively vibe with bright, warm colors! No need to choose one all-over shade with hair color wax. Seize your mood in the moment and share your joy with the world!
Rainbow Fun
Use as many color waxes at a time as you desire! Here we have purple, blue, green, red, and yellow in repeated order, displaying a fun-loving rainbow look. The colors stay put, not bleeding into one another, so you can keep the shades distinct or blend them together however you like.
Rainbow Highlights
Here's another way to get the rainbow look, with a little less drama and a lot of spunk. Temporary color hair wax is the new, ultra-versatile accessory to make your look pop. Unlike traditional hair dye, with color wax, you can use as much or as little at one time as you like, saving the remainder for another time.
Pastel Rainbow
Did you know you can blend your own shades with color hair wax? Mix in white with any of our other colors to create pastels! This look is truly sweet, while still evoking an edgy vibe.
Multifaceted Purple
Purple is not just one color. Shading it with blues and reds brings out the many facets of this lovely hue. This look showcases how much creative freedom you get by using temporary color hair wax.
Cosmic Colors
Blues and purples intermix to create a galactic palette of shades. The colored braids and eyebrows are especially fun and unique. Temporary color hair wax expands the universe of possibilities for adventurous hair creators.
Christmas Green
Are you the one who goes all out for Christmas? Take the festivities to a new level with temporary hair color wax! This hair style is absolutely amazing and will wow your friends, win that costume contest, and make the most of the season.

Which is your favorite look? Comment below and enjoy creating your own expression of beauty and fun with temporary color hair wax and post #ponyfly!

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